Leo Allen Heery was born next at 11:46 p.m. on April 9, 2017. Throughout our pregnancy, he was called Baby B.

During each ultrasound, Leo was the more enthusiastic of the twins. While Ezra was too modest and contemplative to initially show us the “goods” during the gender reveal scan, Leo couldn’t help but show off everything. Leo was more photogenic and more rambunctious, eager for the ultrasound tech to take his picture.

Leo is named for that early Christian symbol of Christ and bravery—the lion who lies down with the calf and the yearling, the lion who waits at the end of all things until all hurts are mended and all tears dried.

We chose the middle name Allen for Jenna’s father, Paul Allen. We think Leo looks a lot like him.

Introducing Leo, our lion, our brave peacemaker…