Going Off-Script

Today we go off-script. How do we answer seemingly simple questions that have impossible answers? Questions like,

How have you been?

or worse…

How many children do you have?

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How to save your life in a hospital

After coming so close to losing my own life, I have been on a mission to keep others from experiencing the same fate. Here are some tips – some found through research and others inspired by my own experiences – for how to save your life in a hospital. I hope that you may never need it, but if you ever do, may these tidbits help you survive. 

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Thrown in the Deep End

“I can do the impossible, because I have been through the unimaginable.”

Thrown into the deep end in my first days back in my work with the families of organ donors, I was faced with a choice – would I drown or would I swim?

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