About Us

This is us – Patrick and Jenna.

Patrick is an ordained Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) minister and serves as a pastor of a congregation in central New York. We are relatively new to New York. Only a little over a year ago,  we left our family and friends behind to follow Patrick’s call to congregational ministry. Before this, Patrick served as a magazine editor for our denomination’s largest publication at the National Headquarters of the Presbyterian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a leap of faith that has already blessed us beyond measure, offering us the support of a church family during this time of grief when we need it most.

Jenna is also trained in ministry – working previously as a hospital chaplain and as a youth minister – but currently serves in a secular position working with the families of organ donors. It is her job to speak with families in the moment of crisis when their loved one is in the hospital, often unexpectedly, and offer them the opportunity to donate to others. She then supports them through the donation process and offers them grief support afterwards. This has required her to face grief while in the midst of grief herself, and to even return to the hospital where she came so close to losing her own life and where we said good-bye to our stillborn sons. 

This is Darby, one of our beloved dogs. He sometimes goes by the name “Lord Darby,” since he is convinced that he is actually the head of the family. Some days our dogs earn the title of being our “furry angels,” as they comfort us in our grief. Other days…not so much.

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This is Charlie, our other dog. He is a happy-go-lucky, Heinz-57, everything mix.